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The first meeting with Paula was wonderful, she was professional and sensitive, and in our conversations she touched on exactly the right points. We decided to meet for a number of private sessions, as often as possible before the birth. We were happy to discover that she could also be our birth doula.

We learned with her, that in order to make our birth experience flowing and powerful, and in order to manage pain in a better way, we must face our fears and inhibitions. That fact may seem trivial just to read it, but Paula succeeded to bring up from within us hidden fears and inhibitions, and she armed us with tools to cope with them.

And truly, the pain of birth is completely different and manageable when separated from fear. …I'll even say that I would like to experience it again.

…Paula surprised us each time anew with her amazing abilities to understand our inner world, almost reading our thoughts. And not just thoughts, sometimes she even read feelings that we were not yet aware of. Paula had taken a course in "Intuitive Healing"…, yet this is not enough to turn someone into an intuitive. She was simply good at it; and this, without a doubt, is one of her better qualities. Because when we succeeded to take care of the hidden issues that had come up in our sessions, we then felt really more ready for our birth.

Another thing that impressed us was the huge "tool box" that Paula brought with her. She knew dozens of ways of releasing and healing, and always knew to pull out the appropriate tool for every situation. She was flexible enough to toss away tools that did not suit us as a couple or as individuals. In addition, she never stopped learning, reading, and enriching herself with new tools that she offered to us whenever she thought they were fitting. – Hanita 2007


"You can't anticipate how your birth is going to go, no matter how well you've planned and prepared, but taking Paula's class and her calming presence at my birth, helped me to make important decisions when they needed to be made, without fear or anxiety. I was able to listen to my baby, my husband, and hold on to my faith in what otherwise might have been a scary situation. Paula is truly gifted to be a doula and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for loving, calm, unobtrusive support during their birth." –Kaitlin 2007


Paula was amazing the whole length of the way. She knew how to guide me and accompanied me step by step. She was always ready and anticipated me. I never had to ask her for anything, she knew what I needed, simply without words. – Shira 2008


When I met Paula I was unsure if I even ‘needed’ a doula. I had a standard hospital birth before, and wasn’t sure if I wanted a natural birth this time. What I did know was that my first experience giving birth was something I did not want to repeat. I had been so consumed with being pregnant and reading everything about my developing baby, that I did not think too much about what I wanted from the birth itself. Because of this, I ended up having a lot of non-emergency medical interventions, that were probably avoidable had I been better informed and able to advocate for myself. I personally did not respond well to being induced with pitocin, the epidural or other medical procedures. From this place, I was ready to explore how my second time giving birth could be different.


When I met Paula the first time I felt very comfortable with her. She was warm and inviting and it was fun to ‘get into’ what birth could be like. My husband and I met with Paula a number of times, and each time it was relaxing, informative and inviting to all that a positive birth experience offers. In many ways I feel that Paula helped me heal an initial traumatic experience, and with her support, professionalism and comforting spirit gave me the gradual confidence to explore natural birth. I learned a lot about the connection between fear, or the anticipation of something unpleasant, and pain. Paula taught me a lot about how to keep my mind, and my body relaxed, open and expansive so that the contractions can be experienced differently.


All I can say is that my second birth, in which Paula was right there, was one of the most powerful, total, energetic, incredible, magical, empowering, and just rocking best experiences of my life. It is implanted in my memories and I can still see what I looked like, what my husband Alon looked like, Paula reminding me to soften my face and the midwife encouraging me as my baby moved down and out into the world. I was present for every aspect of this birth and greeted my son with energy and enthusiasm. In contrast to my first birth, where it took me days to muster the energy to shower, move about, breast feed with ease…this time I was drug free, I felt the total flood of natural endorphins that helped me get through those first couple of days of sleepless nights and transition to a new baby. I wish everyone a fear free birth and with Paula I know this can be possible. – Gen 2008

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