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Has your pregnancy been
labeled High Risk?


Join our free mini-workshop to learn everything you need to understand what high risk really means.


The free workshop will be held with Paula Aji live on zoom.

Upcoming workshop TBA



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?Who is the workshop for

The free mini workshop is intended for pregnant people and their partners who have been designated as a high risk pregnancy

?Why should you join this workshop

  • When learning about High Risk from Paula's Mind Body perspective you will recognise your fears and how to deal with them.

  • Through the process you'll tap into your instincts and believe in your ability to experience a gentle and relaxed birth.

  • Preparing for birth using the HypnoBirthing approach can help you feel a sense of calm and control on mental, spiritual and physical levels.

  • Partners gain skills to communicate with you during childbirth and to communicate accurately with the medical staff. 

  • In this mini workshop, we will work with the subconscious and receive tools to make profound mental changes in terms of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as life in general. 

  • You'll find out how to gain a sense of control over your birth.

  • You'll understand more about your options.

About Paula 


Paula Aji - is a HypnoBirthing International faculty member, founder and senior instructor at "Pashut Laledet" in Tel Aviv, who trains HypnoBirthing Educators and Birth Professionals all over the world. Paula is a doula mentor and co-founder of Mind Body Birthkeepers training. She prepares families for gentle and joyful birthing.

@BodyKnowsBirth is Paula's name on social media. This name is her way of sharing the understanding that birth is instinctual. Through education parents can learn to communicate their needs and desires to their birth caregivers, and have the empowering births they hope for. 

For more details and to register:

Paula +972-52-8034490 or +1-845-784-1974

"Thank you Paula! Your voice was with me throughout the birth!"


"We are extremely grateful to you for all that we learned from you. You helped shift my perspective from one of fear to one of excitement and calm anticipation."


"I had no cervical opening after 45 hours I asked to be taken off everything, I took an epidural, slept for two hours, listened to the HypnoBirthing audio tracks and went from 1cm to 10 cm in two hours!"


"Amazing instructor and amazing to see how deep the method is etched in her character and her life, she is positive and trusting in people and women in particular. It is clear to see how experienced and professional she is."


"HypnoBirthing was an anchor for me throughout the birth, from the minute my water broke till the baby was out."

"I did it! My way!"

"While my daughter's birth was different than we initially envisioned because I needed to be induced at 39 weeks, it all went smoothly. I credit you and your teachings with allowing me to let my body do its thing."


"Thanks for comforting me and giving me all the courage to get through this. The baby is strong like me!"


"I'm happy to be part of a revolution."

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