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**I am currently offering online virtual doula services as well as homebirth in person services in Tel Aviv and the surrounding area. 

If you are hoping for a gentle and joyful birthing, consider asking Paula to be your doula. Paula offers birth doula services to women who have taken one of her childbirth preparation courses and live in Tel-Aviv or central Israel. She attends both homebirths and hospital births, and speaks both English and Hebrew.

A birth doula provides non-medical physical and emotional support for the birthing woman and her partner. Paula meets with you to discuss your plans before the birth, she will accompany you continuously throughout the birth, and she will come for a postpartum visit.

Paula offers:

  • a gentle and grounded presence

  • the ability to recognize when a woman is holding back and to help her open up to the power of birth

  • a big selection of relaxation techniques (and prior knowledge of what works for you through the childbirth preparation course) for example…breathing, imagery, deepening, muscle release, relaxation scripts, sound therapy/toning, positioning… and more

  • someone to remind you what you know, but forgot in the moment

  • full belief that you can do this

  • a familiar companion through the journey

  • a good massage

  • understanding of the needs of the couple

  • an eye to recognize if you are tense, the experience to help you release

  • gentle and direct feedback to help you reach your goal

As a woman approaches labor and birthing I am there for her. I love helping create a space for the woman to come into her knowing. When she is birthing fear drops away, inhibitions are forgotten, and thoughts evaporate. Everything is moving, flowing, and at the same time she is focused and present. Then the magic happens and she is at one with her baby and the creator. All present stand in awe. A baby is born and at that moment a mother is born as well. The sight of this tiny being stirs the partner, and a father is born with them. How extraordinary to be part of these unfolding moments of grace.

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