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NEXT פשוט ללדת TRAINING IN KEREM MAHARAL, ISRAEL starts December 23, 2020 (IN HEBREW, adjusted for Israeli standards, call for details)


adjusted for Israeli standards, call for details)



The HypnoBirthing® course is an amazingly well designed curriculum which prepares pregnant women and their partners to feel ready for birthing and parenting. The techniques are fun to learn and to teach. The philosophy is simple: put everything you thought about birth aside, birth is the first face to face meeting between parents and baby, make that meeting as gentle and joyful as possible. Even the most fearful or sceptical participants come away from classes feeling inspired and more confident.

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How is the course structured?

The HypnoBirthing
® Educator Certification Training is a dynamic

course and is suited to different student's requirements:


Birth professionals (midwife, doula, obstetrician etc) require the following:
Hypnosis for Birthing (1.5 days)

(In Israel the 1.5 days are studies called Working with the SubConscious)

and HypnoBirthing® Educator Training (2.5days) 

If you are not yet a birth professional you will require

the following:


Birthing Basics

(stand alone 1.5 day live taught course OR homestudy package

depending on event)


Hypnosis for Birthing (1.5 days)


and HypnoBirthing® Educator Training (2.5days) 

What do I get?

In addition to the training itself, you receive a printed guide for each segment

of the training that you participate in.

You also will receive your own copy of the text,

4 audio tracks, a flash drive with new International HypnoBirthing® birth films,

a full class syllabus, scripts and class outlines, teaching posters,

and a flash drive with forms and handouts.  

And most important, a wonderful career!


What will I learn?


The Practitioners Training will prepare you to teach HypnoBirthing® to empower new families.

This training will teach you:

    An awareness of the consciousness of the baby before, during, and after experiencing birth.

    An understanding of the workings of the body’s own natural relaxants

    Relaxation techniques that eliminate the Fear-Tension Syndrome

    An understanding of why women in other cultures have easier, more comfortable birthings

    How the mother’s body is designed to work in neuromuscular harmony with nature

    Proven hypnotic techniques to bring about easier, more comfortable labour and birthing

    How to eliminate fear and replace it with confidence and understanding

    The source of the myth that pain is a necessary accompaniment in normal birthing

    How to teach the birthing companion hypnotic rapport

    Specific techniques of hypnotic deepening

    The three stages of labour as a continuum

    Relaxation skills for each of the Prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal periods.

    And much more!

Course Content Birthing Basics

You will learn about:

    The beautiful female birthing body

    Anatomy of the female reproductive system

    Internal & external structures

    Conception and early fetal development

    Characteristics of the uterus - Fundus, Body & Cervix

    The baby’s support system - Amniotic sac, Placenta & Umbilical cord

    Three trimesters of pregnancy

    Physical changes during pregnancy

    Fetal positioning during pregnancy

    Turning breech presented babies

    Labour signals - Normal & Unanticipated

    Characteristics of managed labour

    Characteristics of HypnoBirthing
® labor

    Onset of labour - Spontaneous & Induction techniques

    Fetal positioning during birth

    Labour stages as defined in typical birthing

    Labour phases as defined in HypnoBirthing

    Mother directed birthing


Course Content Hypnosis for Birthing

You will learn:

    Applications of hypnosis

    Attitudes about hypnosis

    Basics of brainwave activity

    Laws of the mind

    Rationale for hypnosis in birthing

    Understanding clients’ learning styles

    Direct and permissive hypnosis approaches

    Dangers of unqualified therapy

    Steps to achieve hypnosis

    Mind/Body associations and applications

    Judging trance depth

    Guidelines for achieving change

    Eye fixation/closure

    Elman Ericksonian & Shanti leads

    Eyelift conversion lead

    Deepening techniques

    Post-hypnotic suggestions

    Awakening and alerting

Course Content  HypnoBirthing
® Educator Training

 You will learn:
   The philosophy and beginnings of HypnoBirthing

    How the uterus works in birthing

    What’s wrong with labour

    How fear affects labour

    The origin of fear and pain in labour

    Prenatal bonding and fetology

    Preparing the mind for birth

    Hypnosis deepening and visualization

    Releasing fear

    Preparing the body for birthing

    Building a partnership with care providers

    Turning breech-presented babies

    Looking at the “due date”

    Avoiding artificial induction

    Preparing the birth plan

    How the body prepares for birth

    Preparing medical care providers

    The onset of labour

    Perinatal bonding

    Breathing through labour

    Breathing with birth

    Bonding with the baby



After your training, you will be asked to submit a take home exam, to assess your understanding of the course. And to teach a couple as a case study, as a way to practice with my continuing support. Once you complete these, you will then be accepted as a certified HypnoBirthing
® Educator.

To maintain your certification status, you will also be required to participate in continuing professional development – full details will be provided at training.


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AMarch 4-7 in Budapest, Hungary in English with Hungarian Transliteration


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