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If you are a birth professional and want to learn and practice skills for gentle birthing, come to a training. All of my trainings combine theoretical concepts with hands on experiential learning. Study days are fun and fulfulling. With my guidance you will soon experience birth as a calm and joyful experience. Learn relaxation techniques, which you can then teach moms and dads. Pass the message along that we are designed to birth. Share your faith in women and babies. Experience empowerment by empowering others.

HypnoBirthing® ChildBirth Educator Trainings

Share your passion for birth by becoming a HypnoBirthing® ChildBirth Educator. My HypnoBirthing® training will prepare you to teach deep relaxation techniques  with pregnant moms and their partners and to share the philosophy of calm gentle birthing. In a HypnoBirthing® training you will learn birth basics, the foundations of self hypnosis and relaxation therapies, and all of the content of this wonderful syllabus. HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method is the original ground breaking course which empowers women and their partners with the understanding and tools they need for a happy birth experience. 

To my work as a trainer of teachers I bring years of experience with birth, deep relaxation therapies, and sensitivity to healing of trauma. Study with me and you will develop a clearer understanding of your clients needs.

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HypnoBirthing® Techniques for Birth Professionals

This full day course is a wonderful way to learn to support moms and dads who have learned HypnoBirthing®. Appropriate for all pregnancy and birth professionals who are curious about HypnoBirthing®. It will give you the tools and the understanding you need so that you can offer your services to HypnoBirthing® parents. After the course you will be given a take-home exam. Once you have passed the exam you will be listed on the HypnoBirthing® website as a HypnoBirthing® support person. What a joy it is to support the moms and dads who take the HypnoBirthing® course! Suddenly your work is easier and fun. You will realize the power of the mind. You will learn techniques for deep relaxation, and you will understand how the mind and body affect each other. Course participants feel a renewed excitement and sense of empowerment. Learn more...Register


Guided Imagery for Birth Professionals

Short intensives and ongoing courses to learn techniques which will teach you a gentle way to converse with the subconscious. Guided Imagery is one of the quickest and most effective ways to help pregnant and birthing women handle change. Study with me and learn this graceful support tool. With your support birth can become an experience that moms and dads will cherish forever.

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