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Intuitive Healing

Various forms of meditation will help you tap into the subconscious. There the deeper issues are discovered. Next, with guidance you learn to relax the physical body so that emotional issues will have less of a hold on you. Often these sessions reveal thought patterns that can be released and reoriented. Throughout I use various techniques of energy healing to help balance your energy body. The result of this process has been described as a sense of lightness and calm.

*These healing sessions are not a replacement for medical or psychiatric care. Rather they are a complementary form of healing which can help you to feel at home in the physical body.






For Fertility:

Individual sessions for women and their partners who are trying to get pregnant and need a guide to work through the emotional blockages.


For Personal Growth:

Individually guided sessions for people who are ready to work with their subconscious to find their own keys for healing emotional and physical blockages.

For Pregnancy:

Individual sessions for pregnant women and their partners to work through issues that may limit them in their ability to experience a gentle joyful birth.

Some reasons to consider a private session:

  • fear of birth

  • difficulty connecting to the baby in utero

  • breech presentation

  • fear of becoming a parent

  • history of abuse

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