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Giving birth is a natural process. Yet a burden of anxiety and fear of birth has been passed from generation to generation across western societies. This has resulted in a modern medical system that is led by fear. Even women who feel that birth is normal and natural often get caught up in the fear based approach. In many cultures, women support women through pregnancy and birth. This custom serves to reduce fear and allows women to access their true loving and knowing nature. In this tradition, I help women understand the process and find ways to release fear so they may enjoy pregnancy and birth. My approach is gentle and relaxed, and also logical and evidence based.


The period of pregnancy and birth is a unique time in a woman's life in which she has the opportunity to go through amazing spiritual growth. Birth is the graduation into parenting; it is a bridge to be crossed. It can seem overwhelming to cross that bridge alone. I help guide a woman's attention inward where she can find clarity, strength, and empowerment.


This work is my passion. I awaken to it every day with love and inspiration. Many years of studying and practicing energy healing and meditation have given me vast experience and a deep trust of my intuition. I am a listener and a connector. I guide couples through pregnancy and birth in a way that speaks directly to their needs and teaches them to trust their own inner resources.


My goals are:

-sharing my path of gentle and intuitive care-giving with birth professionals

-helping women feel safe and comfortable in their bodies.

-fostering loving communication between mother, partner and baby.

-enabling women to find their source of strength.

-assisting couples to tap into their own intuition.

-allowing the future parents to find calm in pregnancy and birth.

-showing couples a way to enjoy a gentle welcome for their babies into the world.

-giving parents-to-be tools to handle stress and fear that will serve them throughout their lives, including the period of pregnancy and birth.

-laying the foundations for relaxed parenting.

Human nature's ability for healing and growth fills me with awe. I am thrilled by the power of pregnancy and birth. My hope is for all women to experience the empowerment and joy that this time can offer.

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