Kho Phangan, Thailand
HypnoBirthing Practitioners Training

Come and be part of a global network of joyous and gentle childbirth education taught in 46 countries around the world.


For details and registration contact or write to us:
Paula Aji +972-52-8034490 or 1-845-784-1974

Ravit Levin +972-52-8582727


Course Details:

Dates: postponed, new dates TBA

Birthing Basics 

Hypnosis for Birthing

HypnoBirthing Educator Training 

In  Koh Phangan, Thailand

Venue: TBA

?Who is the course for

The course is intended for doctors, midwives, doulas, nurses, therapists, physiotherapists for women, childbirth educators, yoga teachers, mothers and anyone interested in the health of women and children

?Why should you take this training

  • Preparing for birth using the HypnoBirthing method relates to a birthing woman on all levels. On the mental, spiritual and physical levels.

  • When teaching HypnoBirthing you will teach the pregnant woman to recognise her fears and how to deal with them. Through the process she learns to connect with her instincts and believe in her ability to experience a gentle and relaxed birth. The partners develop the ability to communicate with their woman during childbirth and to communicate accurately with the medical staff.

  • In this course, we will work with the subconscious and receive tools to make profound mental changes in terms of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as life in general.

  • This training gives the right to teach childbirth preparation with a program whose results are excellent, with decades of seniority. As part of the training, you will receive the course syllabus with all the lesson plans, and all the aids you need to teach the course.

  • If you are already engaged in one of the birth professions, you can expand your potential for high income, in the field you love.

  • When you train with Paula and Ravit, you will receive professional back-up even after completing the course.

  • Get a diploma from the HypnoBirthing International, with which you can work all over the world.

About Us

Paula Aji - a HypnoBirthing International faculty member, founder and senior instructor at "Simply Birthing" in Tel Aviv, training HypnoBirthing Practitioners and Birth Professionals support techniques all over the world. Preparing families for gentle and joyful birthing.

A mother of two, and the grandmother of Sofia who recently came to the world in a calm and festive birth.

Ravit Levin - HypnoBirthing childbirth educator, doula, and family constellation therapist. 

A mother of three children and resident of Kho Pangan.

For more details and to register:

Paula +972-52-8034490 or +1-845-784-1974

Ravit +972-52-8582727

"They thought about every detail, an excellent program"


"Deep, serious, clear"


"Feels very professional - organised and planned, the files and materials are presented in a fluent and precise way, the tremendous investment of energy and care is evident and very significant"


"I am very happy with the course and I am sure that I will be able to use it both when teaching courses and as a therapist in my clinic"


"Amazing instructors and amazing to see how deep the method is etched in their character and their lives, they are positive and trusting in people and women in particular. It is clear to see how experienced and professional they are. I hope to follow in their path!"


"The course was very interesting and exciting, the experience of learning this field excites and arouses me, it is clear that the counselors also love what they do and so do the other participants"

"The course impressed me, I love the variety of offerings, each brings a different perspective, I love the diversity between the theoretical, the practical, the films"


"The program is deep and serious, the practical part and the many experiences are very helpful for progressing in this work"


"I'm happy to be part of a revolution"